What is Your Target Market, the Product or Opportunity?

What is Your Target Market

What is your target market, the product or opportunity? In my opinion your target market should be leading with the opportunity.  A key factor that can help you when you are building a network marketing business can be focusing on building a team vs. just trying to sell the product alone. If you can multiply your efforts your business will grow much faster than you just trying to do it on your own.  When you are determining what is your target market to approach first, you should keep in mind that you can alway default back to your product or service when you show people the opportunity. If you make your target market solely people who might use your product, you may eliminate people who would have joined your business and used your products if they understood the money making side to your network marketing business. 

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2 Comments on “What is Your Target Market, the Product or Opportunity?

  1. If the product doesn’t make sense, neither will the business! I always lead with the products first. Most people hate to sell, but everyone likes to buy! Talk to 100 people about starting a business and close to 95 will NOT be interested. Talk to those same folks about trying out a product that can help them and normally 30 to 50 will want to learn more. Big difference as I see it. I also believe that happy customers make the best distributors.

    • I can totally appreciate that, I’ve found it’s easy to expose people on the business side of things and then if they aren’t interested in that, they simply join as customers as you are saying because the products do make sense. Often the business might not make sense to someone, however at the same time they are exposed to the product so it’s win/win. Leading with either definitely works I prefer leading with the business and have found many people in my team successful doing that as well. Neither is really right or wrong, I like working with business builders, but life long customers are great as well! Thanks for your input Chuck!

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