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Why Having An Email Autoresponder Can Lead To More Sales In Your Home Business

One thing that people really tend to struggle with in their home business is with follow up, well if you use an email autoresponder it can really help you increase your sales and improve your follow up.

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Stalking your prospects isn’t a good way to follow up

Now there is obviously a difference with following up with your warm market and people that you personally know and with cold market, people you don’t know. Now what a lot of people make the mistake of while following up is treating cold market prospects like a warm market prospect.

The goal is to turn a cold market prospect into warm market, but you can’t just jump to that point right away. I’ve found some people do that and it really turns people off.

For example you can’t be all buddy buddy, with someone you just met and barely have a relationship with. You shouldn’t for example message someone every day after attempting to share your business.

You wouldn’t even do that with a lot of your friends even family for that matter, but now that you asked to share your business you start hounding them and stalking them….this is not the answer.

Set up a time to follow up so it isn’t weird

Of course you still want to follow up, but put it on a time frame. For example if you shared your business with someone and they said they needed to think about it, and you just couldn’t overcome that objection, at least determine a time when they would be done “thinking about it”.

You could say something like, “I can appreciate that you need to think about it and if that is really the case and you need some time to make a decision certainly do that. I spend a lot of time and energy working with my team and wouldn’t want to waste either of our times if you really weren’t serious about doing this. So if you need to think about it that’s cool, but when would you have for sure made a decision weather you are going to move forward with this or not so I know when to follow up with you? 24 hours? 48 hours?”

Then you simply follow up with them at that point and it isn’t weird because you determined in advance that, that was when you would follow up.

Another great strategy to get people to follow up with you, instead of you having to reach out to them, is using an email autoresponder

Let’s face it, not everyone is going to join your business right away and that’s fine, it’s part of the business, but what’s the best approach to follow up to see if timing has changed for someone.

When it’s your warm market it’s a little easier to tell what’s going on in their life and you’ll see them a lot more often, so following up when timing is better is a little more convenient. However, what do you do when it’s cold market and you really don’t have a relationship or see them ever?

Well adding them to your newsletter list and email autoresponder is one way to do just that. When people are on your list your goal should be to send them valuable content on a consistent basis.

This will do a few things, one it will build trust and rapport with the people on your list, it will position you as a credible leader, and it allows you to continue to offer your products and services along with bringing value.

People go through a “roller coaster” in their life and when timing is right for them to join your business, who do you think they are going to reach out to? Some stranger they talked to a few years ago or someone who has been providing value to them consistently? Obviously it’s going to be you who has been providing constant value.

So focus on building your list and providing value and you can increase your sales and follow up with an email autoresponder on top of the other follow up you are doing.

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