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You need to be using me too statements in your business presentations and avoid not me statements

A lot of people unknowingly turn off their prospects in their business presentations or while prospecting, and the major cause is not using me too statements, and instead they use a lot of not me statements.

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The difference in a me too statement and a not me statement

Being agreeable and interested in what people have to say can quickly create rapport and can help you increase sales as well.

Of course this doesn’t mean you should be fake and just agree with everything someone says, but at the same time you don’t need to use excessive not me statements.

A not me statement is when you don’t agree with something, you aren’t interested in subject your prospect is interested in, or you simply can’t relate to something someone else does, and then emphasize that point.

For example let’s say you are having a conversation with someone and they bring up their favorite sports team and it’s the rival of your team, or maybe just a team you are indifferent about.

A not me statement would be something like “Wow you like the Yankees, they are so overrated.” Or “You’re a Packers fan? I’m Vikings all the way, why would you support such a terrible team?”

Instead of making statements like those and emphasizing differences between you and the person you are talking to, focus on the similarities and create me too statements.

An example of this using the situations from above would go something like this, “You like the Yankees? Nice! I’m a big baseball fan myself, how did they end up becoming your favorite team?” or “A Packers fan huh? Did you grow up in Wisconsin or something like that? I lived in Wisconsin for a few years too, definitely met a lot of “cheese heads” when I was there!” (Note: a cheese head is a term for a Packers fan.)

Again with this second version the statements have a me too aspect to them, and it will help you create more rapport with your prospects and you will relate to them better.

Using the me too concept within your business presentations

You can implement this same strategy in your business presentations as well. Unfortunately, sometimes people try and be the hero in their business presentations and only portray how awesome their life is after they joined their business.

This doesn’t do a whole lot to have the people you are talking to relate to you. Your goal should be to create the feeling that you are just like the people you are talking to and if you can do it they can do it too.

You can create this by being vulnerable and using me too statements. Testimonials and success stories are great, but only when they talk about overcoming some kind of challenge or hardship.

For example you might say something like “I plugged into the system and went to work and achieved xyz result”, which is good, but an even better testimony would be something like “when I first saw this I didn’t know if I could be successful because I was introverted and shy, but what I found is that I was able to plug into the system and training program and just copy it and even though I was introverted and didn’t have a huge network I was still able to create success.”

The second testimony will work better because it has more of a me too vibe to it rather than a not me vibe. Another thing that can be bad is insulting people who have jobs. There isn’t anything wrong with having a job, some people have built a huge business while having a job right along side of building their business.

In addition to that most people come into the business having a job, so if you attack them for having one or saying they are stupid for having one, it is creating a lot of resistance through your not me statements.

Overall people will do business with people they know like and trust, and using me too statements in your business presentations and while you are prospecting will really help you get better results.

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