You need to do this one thing to dramatically increase your business

What is one skill, that if you mastered it, would make a huge impact on your business? What about one thing that if you stopped doing it, would make a big difference in your business?increase your business,

Find one skill that could impact your business and focus on it

A great question to ask yourself is, if there was one skill that you mastered that would dramatically change your business for the better, what would it be?

For example when I was new in business I was really introverted and shy, so I struggled with talking to people. Building a business without talking to people was going to be pretty tough, so I needed to work on that.

Initially the skill I needed to improve on and master was people skills. Once I had learned that skill my results dramatically stared to improve.

The same thing can happen in your business when you master essential parts of your business. That can be different for each person though.

You also need to prioritize what skill you focus on to increase your business

Sometimes people make the mistake of focusing on skills that are great to have, but that don’t really effect the bottom line of their business.

For example some people want to get really good at closing, or really good at presenting, but they are terrible at prospecting and inviting.

This is mastering skills out of order as well as not taking advantage of the tools your business has to leverage your efforts.

For example it wouldn’t matter how great of a closer you were if you didn’t have any prospects to talk to. The same goes for presenting.

You could be the best presenter in the world, but if you lacked the inviting skills, no one would show up for or take a look at your presentation. Presenting to empty seats doesn’t do a whole lot of good.

This is why prospecting and inviting should always be a priority skill to focus on. When you are a great inviter you could use tools like a video presentation to explain your business. You could also use a 3 way call with someone who was great at closing to cover that part of the business.

The skills you master first should be ones that directly effect your most valuable income producing activity. If you can’t prospect or invite in this case it would be hard to bring in any new revenue or team members.

The flip side of what do you need to master is what do you need to stop doing

Another great question to ask yourself is what is one thing that if you stopped doing it would greatly impact your business. For example, let’s say you always listen to music or talk radio in the car and on your way to work, or at the gym.

If you stopped listening to the radio or music, and instead switched that to audio books on things like leadership, sales skills, people skills, marketing, etc., how would that change your business?

You could probably listen to one or two books a week doing that depending on how long your commute was each day. How much further ahead and developed would your skills be by stopping listening to music and instead focused that on personal development?

Imagine you currently watch a few hours of TV each night, but you never seem to have time for your business. What if you stopped watching TV and instead focused that time on your business? How much further would you be putting in an extra 2 to 4 hours a day into building your business?

Not doing things that detract from your business can cause just as much of an impact on your results as the things you are doing to grow your business.

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