You need to either choose your fear or your desire to succeed

You need to either choose your fear or your desire to succeed, fear, fear vs desire, fear or desire, desire to succeed

Whenever you are striving to be better and reach some sort of goal, you will always have two choices, you can either choose your fears keeping you from your goal or taking action and following through on your desire to succeed.

You need to either choose your fear or your desire to succeed, fear, fear vs desire, fear or desire, desire to succeed

Are you going to let your fear and possible what ifs keep you from success?

We’ve all been there before, wanting to do better or be better and then the negative what ifs start to creep in. I wish I could tell you that the more success you achieve that those what ifs go away, but they don’t.

Everyone faces what ifs and fear when they have goals they are striving for, however, the thing that separates those that succeed and those that don’t is the ones who succeed don’t let their what ifs and fears keep them from taking action.

Almost always your what ifs never even happen. When we constantly worry about what ifs and what we fear we are most often suffering for nothing.

Think about almost any goal you want to realize and then think about all the fears that are keeping you from those goals. Giving into your fears will never allow you to reach your goals.

Giving into your what ifs and fears almost always results in the worst case scenario anyway

Almost always when you are thinking about your fears rather than your desire to succeed and decide to not take action, the results are usually the same if you took action and your fear happened anyway.

Think about building your business for example. Your general end goal in most cases would be for your business to grow correct? Either a new sale, new team member, or some type of growth is your desired result.

Now let’s take a common fear such as the fear of rejection. You share your presentation and you are fearful that someone may say no, so instead of having to go through that you don’t even show someone.

Giving into your fear like this and not sharing your business will result in your business not growing, and in this case that’s the exact same “worse case scenario” result you were afraid of would happen if they said no.

Therefore not taking action and letting your what if fear be stronger than your desire to succeed 100% guaranteed the result you were trying to avoid to begin with, your business not growing.

It’s far better to take action and have the slim possibility that your what if fear happens, especially since in most cases you’re no worse off than you are not taking action.

This creates a scenario where going past your fear almost always guarantees a better result than where you are now, even if you fail. On top of that it also increases your confidence because you know you took action in spite of your fear.

Leaders feel the fear and do it anyway

A lot of people think that once you are successful or have a growing team that you no longer feel fear of rejection or fear of inviting, etc, however that’s not the case. It doesn’t matter how successful you get, you’ll still feel fear around the steps it takes to win in your business, but leaders just take action anyway.

I’ve invited thousands of people over the years to look at my business and products, but I still to this day get little hits of fear that creep in from time to time. The thing that separates the successful from unsuccessful is that the successful people push send or call the person anyway.

It does get a little easier as you do it, but for the most part that’s because your desire to win is greater than your fear keeping you average. You can either buy into your fears and stay exactly where you are at and continue to struggle, or act in spite of those fears and become the leader you know you can be.

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