You need to lead with lifestyle and value on social media

you-need-to-lead-with-lifestyle-and-value-on-social-media, social media marketing, online marketing,

You can show your products or aspects of your business through your social media, but don’t keep begging people simply lead with value and lifestyle in your social media marketing.

you-need-to-lead-with-lifestyle-and-value-on-social-media, social media marketing, online marketing,

You don’t need to beg people in your social media marketing if you are doing it right.

Too many time I see people in their posts virtually begging people to check out their products or business. This is not the way to build a following or get new team members or customers.

An example would be with before and after photos with weight loss. You can certainly post those if you want but tell a story with it. Talk about how “sally” was struggling with her weight loss for many years after having kids and just couldn’t find an effective way to do it. After plugging into our program she has been able to work it around her busy family and has lost over 40 pounds! Congrats Sally!

Something like that where you tell a success story, you don’t even need to mention your programs name. People who are interested will ask you about it.

What not to do in your social media marketing

Your goal is to raise curiosity not resistance. The wrong thing to do in this example would be to post the same before and after picture and say something like “Orders for more xyz weight loss going in today who wants to get some”

Or “Sally lost 40 pounds and you can too! Ask me how” Or “Looking for 5 more people to get results just like Sally. Comment below for info.”

Stop begging people to buy your products and services. You want to build value and raise curiosity and the right people will come to you. You want to be like a fisherman not a hunter. Animals run from the hunter but are attracted to the bait the fisherman leaves out.



Wishing you Health and Prosperity – Mike MacDonald


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