A business without sales???

A Business Without Sales, network marketing, home business, mlm, mlm success, mlm training, home based business

There’s a lot of hype out there with different programs and businesses that claim there is “no sales”, even though network marketing has some of these qualities, don’t let not being a “salesman” type hold you back.

A Business Without Sales, network marketing, home business, mlm, mlm success, mlm training, home based business

Being good in sales or building a profitable business is a skills set that can be learned

The other day I was talking to someone about them building their business and some effective strategies they could use and they brought up that they were by nature very timid and not a sales person.

I can completely relate to that because when I first started in the industry I was an introverted, socially awkward, video game nerd. Now at that point there are two options.

One you can continue to buy into that limiting belief and use that as a crutch for the rest of your carrier, or you can make a decision that despite that belief you are going to succeed anyway. I personally chose the second option.

Even introverts can sell – Trust me, I’m one of them…

Don’t buy into the garbage that you can’t be successful because you aren’t “good at sales”. It’s pure nonsense. Sales is a skill set that anyone can learn. You don’t need to have the “gift of gab” to be successful.

I’m an introvert by nature and hate to talk for the most part, but I don’t let that stop me from making sales. A couple things to think about on this end of things.

One, introverts usually can become very successful in sales when they learn the right things to say and make scripts their own. Mostly because they stay on point and only say what needs to be said, vs saying to much and talking themselves out of a sale.

Network marketing – sorting vs selling

In addition to that with a business like network marketing you are more often sorting your prospects vs selling them. Most companies have great products that get amazing results and if you are talking to qualified prospects you shouldn’t have to sell too hard. Sales skills are important, but many people are very successful without previous sales experience.

Also when it comes to recruiting you shouldn’t be selling and hard closing people into joining your business. You want to be a business owner not a baby sitter. When you have to convince people and sell them on joining your business you are going to have to convince and sell them to build it as well. Obviously you want to get good at overcoming objections people may have, but not to the point of trying to get people not even interested to try and join. There are enough people out there who will want to join that you won’t have to convince people who don’t want to to join.

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