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Are you a glass half full person or a glass half empty person?

A lot of people struggle with building a successful business because they are a glass half empty person rather than a glass half full person and all they see are obstacles vs opportunity.

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Why being a glass half empty person can hold you back

There’s really two sides of the coin for everything that happens to you while you are building your business. Unfortunately most people come into building a business with a negative attitude.

Being surrounded by negative people most of the time will naturally rub off on you and if you come into building your business with that glass half empty attitude it will keep you from getting results.

Let’s take a common example that happens to a lot of people while they are building their business, which is either being sponsored by someone long distance or signing up someone long distance.

Now you can look at this as a glass half empty person and think that you can’t be successful because you’re alone in a market, you don’t have local meetings to plug into, your sponsor can’t be with you to do local presentations, etc.

The glass half full person sees all the opportunities that can come from that exact situation. For example if you are alone in the market, that means that the market is wide open and no one has even heard of your business there. If someone is going to own and take over that market why not you?

If you don’t have local meetings to plug into, that means that you have the opportunity to step up and be the top leader in that market and take charge.

If your sponsor can’t be with you, that means you can just use a 3 way call and have an even better reason for your new team members to attend events so they can meet other leaders and see a bigger perspective.

How to be a glass half full person when you attend events

Another area you can have a glass half empty mindset is when you see others succeeding at events. Now let’s say you see someone who is not as sharp as you, or maybe not as educated, or not a very good public speaker, etc., the list could go on and on.

That’s actually one of the really cool things about network marketing and creating success. It really doesn’t matter your background, or experience, or education level that dictates your success. If you are teachable and coachable and take consistent action you can be successful.

Now you might see someone who isn’t like you succeeding and may see that as a reason why you can’t succeed. For example you might see a doctor succeeding at a high level.

Instead of looking at that with a glass half full mindset and saying you can’t be successful because you’re not a doctor, rather look at it in a way that if doctors are a part of your business and succeeding that give a lot of credibility to your business.

Another similar situation could be if you see someone succeeding at a high level who isn’t as sharp as you are. You could look at it with a glass half full mentality and think that no one will take your business seriously or that you shouldn’t listen to them because they aren’t a great public speaker, but that should just give you hope that you can be successful.

The glass half full mentality is that if that person who isn’t as successful, intelligent, sharp, or whatever, can do it, why couldn’t you?

The glass half empty mentality will only hold you back, so try looking at things in a different perspective to really make a shift in the results you are getting in your business.

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