Are You Attacking Your Day?

Are You Attacking Your Day, attack the day, motivation, income producing activities, eat that frog

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there, some days we wake up and just aren’t really feeling it, well one great strategy for when this happens is to make it a habit of attacking your day.

Are You Attacking Your Day, attack the day, motivation, income producing activities, eat that frog

Tackle your most valuable income producing activities first

On the days when you just don’t feel motivated it’s great to attack the day and get done with your most valuable tasks first. Basically when you do this even if the rest of your day wasn’t that productive you got through the 20% of the tasks that create the majority of your results.

For example let’s say you were trying to get in shape. If you did your work out first thing in the morning you wouldn’t have to worry about getting to it later in the day or procrastinate and end up putting it off to the next day.

It’s the same with building your business. There are definitely times when I haven’t felt like doing anything, but I know if I make a habit of that it will only delay me reaching my goals that much longer.

However if I make it a habit to attack the day I can make sure I’ll hit my goals sooner even with an off day.

Focus on the activity and the right habits and results will come

You really can’t control your results and outcome every time. For example you might show your business presentation to a lot of people one week and have no one get started, and the next week everyone signs up.

When you focus on the results it can sometimes get frustrating, but when you focus on the activity and the correct habits, the results tend to work themselves out.

This is why it’s so important to attack the day and get your major income producing activities out of the way first. That way you know you have done the appropriate things to move forward even if the results aren’t just yet showing.

Leaders don’t always feel like it when it comes to moving forward and always being productive, but they do it anyway. That’s what makes them leaders.

There’s no comfort in growth, and if you want to always be comfortable you won’t go very far.

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