Are you focused too much on personal development?

Are you focused too much on personal development, leadership development, mindset, learning mode

Personal development should definitely be something to focus on daily, but there is a point where you can end up focusing too much on personal development.

Are you focused too much on personal development, leadership development, mindset, learning mode

With Personal Development You Can Get Better Every Day

One thing that I talk about a lot is the fact that your business will only grow to the point that you do. Unfortunately, what can happen to some people is all they do is focus on personal development and nothing else.

I was having a conversation the other day with someone who wasn’t getting results in their business and I asked them how they were doing with bringing in sales and leads in their business. When I got their response and their reason why they were not doing well, it was pretty easy to tell why.

They said that they weren’t really getting any leads, sales, or new team members, because right now they were just focusing on personal development.

Of course you should be focused on personal development and getting better everyday, but if that’s all you are doing and not taking action steps or doing any income producing activities, nothing is going to happen.

Your business will only grow to the point that you do, but if you never take any action your business won’t grow no matter how much you do.

The problem with learning mode

Focusing on personal development should only be a part of your growth strategy. Unfortunately, some people make the mistake of making that 100% of their growth strategy.

As the saying goes, action cures everything, and when you neglect action it’s going to be really hard to create any type of momentum and results.

Think about if you got stuck in learning mode only and neglect action in other areas you wanted to improve on that are outside of business. Imagine your goal was to eat healthy and get in shape.

How quickly do you think you would get results if all you did was focus on learning about losing weight and eating healthy? If your diet was still garbage and you didn’t work out, but you read lots of books about eating healthy and watched a lot of workout videos in your free time, would you get in shape? No, of course not.

This is what comes to mind when I hear people tell me all they do is focus on personal development. It should be part of what you do absolutely, but without implementing what you learn nothing can happen.

Somethings you only can improve on by doing them no matter how much personal development you do

Another thing I think a lot of people make the mistake of is that personal development can’t improve everything. There are some aspects of building your business that only work when you do them.

For example you can read book after book about improving people skills for example, such as “How to win friends and influence people.” This is a great book that everyone should definitely read, but if you don’t actually ever have conversations with people, how can you ever expect to get better at them?

When I first started in the industry for example I was really introverted and shy. At the same time though I knew that if I continued to buy that lie I had kept telling myself I would remain that way and struggle with meeting people.

I think I read “How to win friends and influence people” probably 4 or 5 times back to back in a row, but I also implemented what I was learning. By reading and implementing I started to improve and overcome my shyness rather quickly.

If you really want to rapidly grow your success you need to be an aggressive implementer, and not just an aggressive learner.

Again take sales and closing for example. If you never have asked for the order or tried to close a sale, regardless of reading several books, it’s going to be awkward and scary the first time.

The only way to get over that is to actually do it and attempt closing and selling not just reading about it. Of course personal development and learning new skills can help you improve, but without actually doing it for real, you won’t get much better.

Make a habit of personal development, but don’t neglect implementation and action or you will continue to struggle.

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