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Are you saying weird things while you are prospecting for your business?

One thing I find that a lot of online marketers and home business owners do is that they overuse cliche lines that don’t work for cold market recruiting.

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When you are cold market recruiting, you need to still act normal like you would with warm market

A common mistake that people make while marketing their businesses is that they talk like they are a robot and use over done cliches when talking to people.

A great question to ask yourself would be would I ever say this to someone in person? Most of the time I find that a lot of people act and say things that are very fake and don’t realize it.

For example one of the most overdone and annoying things people say a lot is “I really love connecting with like minded individuals” or something along those lines. Again ask yourself, would you ever say that to someone in person?

“Hey Bob I see that you like football too, man I’m so happy we connected. It’s great to meet another like minded individual such as yourself who likes football like I do.”  Wouldn’t that be incredibly weird if someone approached you like that at a party? You probably would avoid them the rest of the evening and tell everyone else at the party to as well.

Don’t be the social outcast in your online marketing and prospecting efforts

Another place people tend to be really weird and say off the wall things is when people ask what they do. If you are promoting a business you want this to be natural as well as create curiosity. Unfortunately a lot of people do this wrong, and instead of building interest they instead sound like they are crazy.

For example let’s say you are in network marketing and you help people build a business from home. Stop saying things like, “I help people take back their lives and create freedom by changing their health for the better and freeing the world of suffering from the atrocities of degenerative diseases…”

Being so grandiose really makes you seem crazy and like you are desperate to have people ask about what you do or that you are trying to sell them something. This is the opposite effect of what you want to happen.

A better formula is talking about a common problem your target market faces, and then say how you help people with that.

For example in the home business niche when someone asks what you do, “well you know how most people are struggling these days with how the economy is and most people are looking for something as a back up plan? Well what I do is help people start a business from home around their schedules so they don’t have to worry as much about their future.”

In this format you state a common problem your prospect might have and then say how you have a solution for that without being pushy or aggressive promoting it. If your prospect is a quality one they will want to know more and ask you how it works, if they aren’t you haven’t pushed them away or aggressively tried to make them interested in your business.

This allows you to either follow up with them later, or in this case follow up at some point in relation to your products. You don’t have to be so over the top and all hype when you talk to people to raise curiosity. Simply talk about a problem you solve in your business and if that person has that problem or knows someone who does, trust me they will be curious and let you know or ask you more.



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