How to Make Money Online

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A lot of people struggle with how to make money online because their habits are not focused on making it happen.

how-to-make-money-online, make money online, how to make money online, online marketing, lead generation, network marketing online

How to make money online? Look at your results so far and determine what habits got you there

An effective technique to figure out if what you are doing daily is going to result in making money online is to work backwards from your end goal. If you don’t know what it is you want how are you ever going to get there.

As the old saying goes, if you fail to plan you plan to fail. It’s the same concept for how to make money online. When you work backwards from your end desired goal you are setting up your daily plan.

Looking at your massive end goal can be overwhelming, but when you break it down to your daily tasks it becomes more manageable

Another thing to think about is when you reduce your big goal down to the daily steps it becomes less overwhelming and easier to imagine doing.

For example lets say you wanted to hit X rank in your company and it takes 100 sales and lets say your goal was to hit that level in your first 2 years in business.

Looking at 100 sales seems overwhelming but when you break it down it really only equates to about a sale ever 9 or so days.

You could break this down even further to see how many people you would need to talk to in order to make a sale every 9 days. Then you know exactly what your daily goals should be and it takes a lot of the mental pressure off of yourself.

A common thing people struggle with then at this point is where am I going to find all of these people to talk to. I ran into the same issue and that’s why I started looking into online lead generation so I could learn the skills to have a steady stream of people to talk to in addition to my warm market contacts.

If you don’t have consistent leads and people to talk to it’s because you don’t have a system in place to help you do it. You can check out the attraction marketing system I use and recommend here!

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