May 09

How to Respond When Someone Asks What Do You Do in Network Marketing

Something people struggle with while building their business is how to answer “what do you do?” and how you answer what do you do in network marketing can either make you sales or cost you sales.

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No one cares what your title is…

Here’s the thing, people for the most part really deep down are focused on their life and how it could be better and how to fix their problems. Not to say people don’t want to help others or anything like that, but if you are talking to people your focus should be on how you can help them rather than how great you are.

Like the great book “How to win friends and influence people” talks about, you need to be interested not interesting. Finding out more about people and how you can help them is way more important than trying to impress them.

The goal when someone asks what do you do

Your goal with this type of explanation of what you do is to generate curiosity and get the people who are actually interested in what you have, to want to know more.

I’ve found that when you try and impress people with a fancy title or being super over the top when explaining what you do, it doesn’t create curiosity, it actually repels people.

Have you ever tried to explain what you do and got only crickets? Well I’ve been there and before I started focusing on how I help people and provide value, that’s what happened all the time.

I used to market nutrition and I would say things like I’m a nutritional consultant, or registered nutritional consultant, when people asked what I did. These were both true but it really did little to generate interest or even start a conversation.

A proven format for talking about what do you do in network marketing

If you want to frame what you do in your business either from the business side or product end of things you can follow a general format of you know how (insert problem of your target market), well what I do (insert solution of how you solve that problem).

For example let’s say you promote nutrition and weight loss. You’re description of what you do might sound something like, “Well you know how most people struggle to keep their weight down and keep fit after 50? Well what I do is help people lose weight and stay in shape when most people have given up on reaching their fitness goals.”

When you lead with this format you aren’t focused on a fancy title or how great you are, instead you are focused on what you do to help people and overcome common issues people have. If you do this and someone can benefit from how you help people you are far more likely to generate a conversation and more interest in what you do.

This can quickly help you qualify prospects you are talking to and see if there is an interest in what you have before you try and even invite them. A common problem people have is trying to invite people who aren’t even open and this can help eliminate that problem.

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