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Avoid this when network marketing recruiting

A common mistake in network marketing recruiting is asking if someone would be interested

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Often people say something like hey I just found this amazing company that does xyz and it’s the best ever, would you be interested in checking it out, here’s a link!  Here’s the thing, if you haven’t been pitched an idea this way yet, you will, and for most people it’s a big turn off. One of the biggest things you should be doing in network marketing recruiting is asking if people are open, not interested.

Another benefit to asking if people are open not interested in network marketing recruiting is it keeps you in control

When you lead off with would you be interested it almost always is going to put you on the defensive and gets the prospect in question mode. When you ask if they are interested they immediately want to determine as quickly as possible if they would be interested or not. When it gets to this point they are looking for anything to disqualify what you are saying and looking for any reason why it might not be something they would be interested in. However when you ask if they are open when recruiting in network marketing it puts you in control. If someone says that they would be open, it allows you to lead the conversation, at that point you could say something like, well it may or may not be for you but I could clear up some time and go over the details with you and see if it is a fit for you. All people want is the information, and if you directly tell them the process of where they can get it and that you are happy to give it to them you will get far more people checking out your business.

Another great thing for you when you ask if people are open not interested when recruiting in network marketing is people like to be thought of as open minded not closed minded

People don’t want to seem like they are a closed minded person because it makes them seem negative and pessimistic, so when you ask people if they are open, you will have a lot more people say yes just for that reason. People don’t have a problem saying they aren’t interested in something, but if people say they aren’t open to the idea of making more money, or open to a way to help them achieve something they said they wanted, they sound stupid. For example if you were talking to your friend and they have been looking for a way to get a new car but they just haven’t been able to make enough money to do it, and you ask them if you could show them a way to be able to afford that new car and if they would be open to checking it out, they would be dumb to say no they wouldn’t be open to looking. Now they may or may not be interested, however that isn’t what your focus is in network marketing recruiting your focus is getting people to take a look. Recruiting in network marketing is a sorting business not a selling business. For an even more in depth break down of recruiting in network marketing be sure to check out my F.O.R.M. Recruiting Machine Blueprint here!

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