Get your new sales reps started fast to create momentum in network marketing

Get your new sales reps started fast to create momentum in network marketing

Getting your new reps started fast in network marketing can create massive momentum in your team.

Get your new sales reps started fast to create momentum in network marketing

Momentum in network marketing starts with driving depth

Do you ever ask your new reps to get things started in their business and make a list of everyone that they know and then the next day they say they talked to everyone and no one is interested?

The first thing you need to do is help make their list with them. Help them brainstorm their list and come up with names with them and help them start talking to people immediately.

Run the warm market list right away to create momentum in network marketing

Don’t let them come up with their list and contact them on their own until they know how to properly invite. Saying to much and inviting poorly is one of the major reasons people don’t get results in network marketing.

Your job and your new team members job is to show people the business for what it really is. When they know how to properly invite properly you can avoid this problem.

This is why teaching your new reps correctly how to invite and help them do it right away is so key to success. Unfortunately most people will be the most excited they ever will be in their business their first 24-48 hours and if you don’t take advantage of that window you might miss your chance to drive depth with that person.

Strike while the iron is hot

With the first 24-48 hours being the most important in your new reps business, you have to get them some kind of positive result right away. If you don’t they might just quit.

It is terrible that our society has become so ingrained with the instant gratification mindset, but you need to work with it.

Focus on getting your new reps a successful invite, or presentation, or best help them get a new start in their team or make a sale.

Getting some kind of positive result with your new rep will help them stick around until they can get proper training, or see a bigger vision and help them start to look long term.

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