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Oct 05

Some words you need to avoid while prospecting in MLM

It’s hard not to say to much when you are new and prospecting in MLM, often there are several words you should avoid that just throw up red flags in your prospects mind for no reason. A few words to avoid while prospecting in MLM has to do with inviting to a team event Even …

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Jul 29

Are you doing these 2 top income producing activities?

Being focused on income producing activities can make the difference between success and failure in your business. The first top income producing activity  you should be focused on is making and building your list – Making it: Don’t pre-judge When you first start your business your list mostly consists of friends and family and acquaintances. …

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Jan 25

MLM Recruiting Tips: Are you timing your Invite correctly?

One of the best MLM Recruiting Tips that you need to learn in network marketing is how to invite your prospects to check out your business in the right way. Proven MLM Recruiting Tips for timing your invite correctly You may be using the correct mlm recruiting scripts or saying things correctly, but if your timing …

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Aug 13

Mindset training and tips from Brisingr

Mindset training and tips from the book Brisingr. “The monsters of the mind are far worse than those that actually exist. Fear, Doubt, and hate have stopped more people than anything else.” Great quote on mindset and how having the wrong focus can destroy more of your success than you would think. Many people let …

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Aug 12

How to overcome objections by casting vision

How to overcome objections by casting vision. Many people struggle with overcoming objections because they simple focus on the problem or let their prospect focus on their objection. One way to help them overcome their objection or fear is by casting vision of where they could be or how their life could improve with your …

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