How to Get Over Your Fear of Video Marketing

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Let’s face it, you aren’t crazy if you might be scared of hopping on camera for the first time and starting to do video marketing, but the benefits certainly outweigh any early fears you might need to overcome if you want to implement it as a strategy to grow your business. This post is on simple tips of How to get over your fear of video marketing.

How to Get Over Your Fear of Video Marketing, video marketing, video marketing tips, how to get over your fear of doing video, doing video, how to eliminate your fear of doing video

The benefits of doing video marketing and why you should start now

There are all kinds of ways to implement video marketing into your business be it live, or recorded, and there are a ton of benefits for each way. Let’s start with video marketing in general and why it’s important to learn how to get over your fear of video marketing.

Video marketing is one of the best ways to quickly build trust, rapport, and credibility with  your audience. When someone can see you on video they for one know that you are real, which is a big deal in the internet marketing world.

There are all kinds of bogus things out there, so actually seeing a person on video can make a big difference for people wanting to do business with you. They can get a much better judge of who you are, your personality, sense of humor, etc. and that can really start to attract people to you who you truly resonate with.

This can lead to people who are a great fit for you and your business and team. Video marketing should be something that everyone implements into their online marketing strategy. People first and foremost do business with those that they know like and trust and video marketing can help you do that very quickly.

Why going live in your video marketing is important and How to get over your fear of video marketing

Going live is another very effective strategy to grow your business because it is the closest thing to being right there with a person. Your potential customers and business partners can interact with you on the spot and you can create crazy engagement with live videos.

But what if you are scared to get on video? Well there are several factors that go into an effective way how to get over your fear of video marketing. Most people have a lot of insecurities and negative thoughts about themselves and how they can be successful doing video.

Do I look fat in this? Does my hair look stupid? Is my house too messy? What if someone doesn’t like what I say? What if I mess up? All of these things have probably gone through your mind at some point right? I know they did fro me and still do creep in from time to time.

The good news is, is that most people really don’t care about any of that. In reality it’s just us that cares about it. Your goal should be to lead with value for your target market and when you do they won’t be focused on any of the things you are concerned about.

People will tune in to get the value you are providing and will pay little to no attention to your hair, clothes, mistakes, or whatever else you might be concerned about.

People want to do business with people, being human and making mistakes is attractive

Another thing to keep in mind is that people aren’t looking for perfection or some person that is the most amazing speaker. Of course you still want to work on your skills and steadily get better at it, but some major factors in having people join your team is them having the ideas of is it real, can I do this, and will you help me.

When you do live videos, even if you screw it up, it can solve those concerns very quickly. One is it real? Well you are there live, so I’m not sure how much more real it can get than than other than you standing right next to the person.

Can I do this? Again people want to know that you are a regular person just like them. If you are succeeding and making things happen and you have your cluttered house in the background, your kids bust in, your dogs going crazy in the background, all of those things are okay.

You shouldn’t be worried about those kinds of things, because people can relate to those things. If they see your normal life going on they will believe that if you can do it they can do it too. This is why you shouldn’t worry or be fearful of doing video regardless of your insecurities because it will inspire others.

With so many benefits to doing video it’s important to get out there and just do it. You will be bad in the beginning, but that’s okay, everyone was the first time. You’ll never get good at something you never do.

The best way to get over your fear of doing video marketing is to just start doing it. You’ll improve as you do it and as you improve people will follow you on your journey and want to jump on board with you.

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