How To Increase Sales By Using Educational Selling

How To Increase Sales By Using Educational Selling, educational selling, how to increase sales, increase sales, increasing sales,

A lot of people struggle with sales and they come off as being a pushy salesman, but one of the best ways to avoid this and how to increase sales is through educational selling.

How To Increase Sales By Using Educational Selling, educational selling, how to increase sales, increase sales, increasing sales,

Why Educational Selling Is A Great Strategy On How To Increase Sales

All too often people give the impression of being a pushy salesman because they focus only on the features of the products they are promoting and never touch on the benefits their prospects will receive and what’s in it for them.

When your primary focus is on how great and amazing your products you have are, rather than putting your prospects needs and wants first it will cost you sales. This is where educational selling comes in as an effective way how to increase sales.

Leading with educational selling does a few things. One it can help to position you as an expert in your field. People want to do business with people who know what they are doing.

Imagine you were looking to hire a doctor for a specific surgery you needed to have done that was a life or death scenario. You had two doctors to choose from.

Would you pick the doctor who barely passed medical school, never studied, and didn’t have much experience performing that surgery, or would you hire the doctor who went to every class, studied hard, graduated top of their class, and had successfully performed that surgery several times?

Obviously you would choose the higher performing doctor that was an expert to do your life or death surgery. Of course the stakes aren’t as high when you are selling, but it’s the same concept as why you should lead with educational selling if you want to increase sales in your business.

People want to work with an expert who knows what they are doing.

Educational selling can increase sales because you are focused on your prospects needs and wants not your own

As stated above when you focus on features of your products and services you will sell less than when you are focused on showing your potential customer how what you are selling will specifically benefit them.

Let’s say you marketed nutritional supplements for example. Instead of talking about your product has xyz ingredient, and 3 exclusive patents and mystery berries from the amazon jungle, focus on how that product helps your prospect.

For example you might use educational selling to explain how xyz ingredient your product has, boosts metabolism, and what that means to your prospect is that they are going to be able to loose those extra 15 pounds and look amazing for their upcoming 25 year high school reunion.

Let’s say you marketed a internet marketing service where you helped people set up a website and capture pages and tools to build a business online. You could go through a process of simply talking about those features, which would be good, but if you wanted to be great, you should focus on educational selling.

This would increase sales because instead of just explaining features you could break down step by step how someone could use those features specifically for their business. Educating them on how to make it work for them and get what they wanted out of it.

This is a great way how to increase sales because you are leading with what’s in it for them, rather than just talking about how awesome the features of your products are.

Overall, focusing on educational selling will help you be less pushy and increase sales because you are positioning yourself as an expert and as a credible source, as well as focusing on your prospects needs and wants and not your own.

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